Natural History Museum - behind the scenes

Any other UK readers been watching "Museum of Life" on BBC2? Behind the scenes at the Natural History Museum in London. It's been amusing as well as interesting. Last week they had a nine-foot sturgeon donated (insert your own "smellyvision" joke here), and were shown struggling down the stairs to the labs with it. Some of our artefacts may be large, but at least they aren't slimy.

I found the section about the dodo interesting, too. We all think we know what it looked like, but over the years scientists have found out more about this symbolic bird, and the latest views of how it probably looked are quite different. I think that's one of the main advantages we have at the Museum of Computing - so many of our donations are given by people who have actually used them, and can tell us what it was like.

I do envy the storage areas these big national museums have - so much space, so many drawers, cabinets, cupboards and rooms. On the other hand, a veteran worker was remembering his first days, and how he used to set off in his lunch break to explore, always finding a new corridor or staircase. He tried relive the experience - and despite his many years of employment, still ended up somewhere completely different to his planned target. At least I can't get lost in any of our three relatively small stores!

You can catch the series on the BBC iPlayer.

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